SanParks Tender Funding

Sanlam SMME Fund

The Sanlam SMME Fund is an early-stage investment vehicle, providing purchase order funding to small, medium, and micro enterprises (SMMEs) from whom SANParks procures goods and services in and around the Kruger National Park.

The objective of the Sanlam SMME Fund is to help SMMEs to fulfil their procurement commitments which are impediments to economic participation, and in so doing, demonstrate the Sanlam Group’s confidence and commitment to the growth of the SMME sector, the creation of jobs and ultimately strengthening the economy.
Sanlam SANParks Tender Funding

The Fund Partners

SANParks, Sanlam and IAAE have partnered to create a dedicated debt fund that will provide short-term working capital finance to local SME’s that SANParks procures goods and services from.


SANParks is a public entity with the mandate to manage all existing national parks and protected areas. Companies that supply SANParks with products and services will be able to apply for the PO funding.


Sanlam is the largest non-banking financial services group in Africa. Sanlam has an interest in the sustainable growth of South Africa’s tourism industry. Sanlam will provide the financial backing for the fund.


I AM AN ENTREPRENEUR (IAAE) will manage and administer the fund to qualifying SMEs according to the rules and requirements of the fund. This platform will be used to capture and record applications for the fund.

How to Apply for Sanlam SANParks Purchase Order Funding?

Our funding is only available after securing a tender with SANParks.

This PO fund is only available to qualifying SMMEs that secure a tender from SANParks within the Kruger National Park.

Register Account Funding

Start your online application

If you have a valid appointment letter from SANParks for a tender, you can start your online application process here.

Accept Tender Funding Contract

Track progress online

After submitting your application, you will receive a profile link that you can use to track progress and interact with the online system.

Sanparks Tender Funding

Get Started with your Application

In order to get started with the Sanlam SANParks fund, you must create an online profile with your email and password. You can use this profile for all future applications.

Apply for Purchase Order Funding

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

There is no specific window to the fund. The fund is open all year.

01 September 2023.

There is no grant funding. The fund is debt funding to fund purchase orders received from SANParks.

This fund is only for SMEs that have a PO from Kruger national park, SANParks for now.

There is no minimum funding amount, and the maximum is R1 000 000 per Purchase Order.

The fund has 0% interest with a fixed admin fee of R1,500 per application approved.

Your company has to be Black Owned, Black Women Owned, or Black Youth with a valid PO from SANParks.

Yes, the application is designed such that you don't have to complete the application all at once. We would however encourage you to complete your application in one sitting.

No. You will not be able to edit your application after you’ve submitted.

When you save your application, you will receive a one-click login link. Use that when you want to continue with the application.

You can email or Phone/WhatsApp: 078 350 0768.